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Help Rebuild The JCAB Ephraim Propp Library

by jctrab on August 9, 2017
Dear Members & Friends,

The recently constructed Irwin Peyser Bet Midrash will be the new home of the Ephraim Propp Library, dedicated by Mrs. Gail Propp in memory of her beloved husband, Ephraim Propp, z”l.

As many of you know, Superstorm Sandy destroyed approximately 2/3 of our library books; now that we have a beautiful new Beit Midrash, the time has come to replace the precious sefarim- Hebrew & English- that were lost.

The Beit Midrash, and the Library space within, have been generously donated by the Peyser and Propp families, respectively. However, since the project’s inception, everyone involved has felt strongly that our entire membership should be shareholders in the very essence of a Beit Midrash and library, namely the books themselves, through which our spiritual heritage and ethical tradition are passed down from generation to generation. Our primary goal is 100% participation; we want each of our members to own a part of the Jewish Learning that will take place at JCAB. Towards the end, we have provided affordable donation opportunities beginning at $18 for a single book. In addition, opportunities for family participation and thededication of both small and large sets in honor/memory of relatives and friends are also available.

 Please help us rebuild our lost library by choosing a donation opportunity from the options below, and become a shareholder in JCAB’s Jewish Learning for generations to come.

Click here to open the form with all of the information about this important and exciting project.

 Please contact the JCAB office (516.371.0972 or jcaboffice@gmail.com) for further information or for assistance filling out the form.